What I believe:

I believe your wedding is a foundational moment. The start of something precious - a new family - and the capstone experience of a relationship that will continue to grow and deepen over the years.

I believe it is the utmost honor to be invited into document this transition and this day. I work to ensure our relationship is one of ease and trust. When the day is right, the photos will follow.

I believe in the power of the printed image as an experience that triggers memories, feelings, and nostalgia. I hand design each wedding album in collaboration with you to produce a modern heirloom, a piece that can take you right back into the wild, beautiful ride that was your wedding day.

Your wedding album: the process

The Fine Art Album: The highest quality giclée pages printed with your hand-designed spreads, and bound in fine linen or leather. Each giclée page is divided by a subtle, milky vellum leaf, which not only serves to refresh and focus e eye, but also protects the pages from rubbing harshly against one another. 

A true heirloom investment, allowing you to activly enjoy your wedding images for a lifetime.

The Design Process: 

- Select your album size and color 

- Select 50 images from your online gallery 

- I select 10-15 accompanying images to compliment the balance and flow of your design. 

- Recive your album design draft to review and approve (One round of revisions included).

- Once album has final approval, it is ordered and shipped within 8-12 weeks.

An investment

Your wedding album is a publication run of one. Each element - from the pages, the binding, the covers wrapped in leather and linen - is custom created for your order by artisans at Cypress Albums in southern California. I believe it's all about the details. To view pricing and album options, click the link blow to get in touch.