Behind the camera at each wedding, I am thinking of you.

Not just in this moment... but in all the moments to come. All the times your wedding album might be packed into a moving truck and unpacked again. New homes, new cities. Triumphs and hardships. Sickness and health. Photography, at its core, is about honoring the journey. 

Couples who work with me are seeking something both effortlessly beautiful and deeply honest, and I'll guide you each step of the way. I'd be honored to learn more about you and your plans.

Wedding photography begins at $4200. I find that most of my couples invest $5000-7000 in their wedding photography experience. Portrait photography begins at $450. 

I'd encourage you to take some time to explore the blog, my portfolio, and get in touch to view a full wedding from start to finish. Read on for answers to frequently asked questions.


Our wedding isn't in Seattle, how much will it cost to have you travel? A good portion of my weddings each year involve travel, both within the U.S and internationally.  To keep things as effortless as possible, I will send you a pricing quote that includes all travel costs to your destination. For destination weddings, I am often able to craft something custom to fit your unique needs - please don't let distance keep you from reaching out.

How are you different from other photographers? I'll do my best to answer this :). Ultimately, I believe we'll be a good fit if you feel moved by the imagery you find here. You can also hear from my past clients, and see if their experiences align with how you want to feel on your wedding day. If you're hungry for more, I can speak a bit about my approach:

Wabi Sabi

“Pare down to the essence, but don't remove the poetry.”  ― Leonard Koren

In a world more and more focused on (outward-facing) perfection, I find myself increasingly drawn to the imperfect, the natural, and the subtle. These days, I'm inspired most by the dusty family albums with black and white Polaroids of my mom growing up in the 1950's. There are precious, quiet moments there, not perfectly posed but somehow still alive decades later. Creating beautiful imagery is important, but a masterful photograph will hook you, draw you in close. That's what I'm after.

Personal Guidance

If you see images of stylish couples in all sorts of gorgeous locations and don't know how they figured out how to look so good... that's where I come in. For your wedding, I will seek out the best spots for photography at your venue, work with you to incorporate photography into your schedule.

For engagement sessions, I create personal mood boards for my clients with styling suggestions, wardrobe, textures, colors, outfit pairings. I genuinely love being part of the process - you do not need to figure this stuff out on your own. 

Natural Posing

Before launching Anna Peters Photography, I spent nearly two decades training to become a professional ballerina (I actually have a degree in Dance Pedagogy - teaching movement).

Years spent working with my own body and observing/coaching other dancers has gifted me with an innate sense for creating relaxed, natural posing. It's often subtle, tiny things - the slope of your shoulders, the way your hands lay, shifting your weight slightly more into one leg - these slight adjustments make all the difference. In front of my camera, you'll receive consistent, gentle guidance.

How long have you been shooting weddings? I began my career as a dance photographer in 2010, interned under a wedding photographer during 2013, and launched Anna Peters Photography in January of 2014. I'm headed into my fifth year shooting weddings and am nearing 100 weddings photographed.

Do you edit all of our photos? Yes! Each image is edited by hand.

How long will it take to get our photos back? Your online gallery will be ready to enjoy 6 weeks after your wedding day! Your USB will be shipped within two weeks after the gallery is live. Printed products and albums take a bit longer, depending on size and design time.

How many photos will we receive? You can expect 70-80 images per hour of wedding day photography. For example, if you book 8 hours of coverage, your gallery will usually be around 600 images. Things like the size of your guest list and your bridal party factor in slightly here. My goal is to tell a comprehensive, compelling story: quality over outrageous quantity. Take a look through one of the full weddings below to get a good sense of what the end product feels like.

Can we see an example of a complete wedding? Oh boy, can you ever! The full wedding gallery... that's it, the final product, your wedding photos. It's by far what I'm proudest of, and most passionate about sharing. Please get in touch and I will send you several examples of full wedding galleries - every image from getting ready to grand exit.

How do we print our photos? You'll receive a personal print license alongside full-resolution (print ready) JPEG files, which means you are free to print your images wherever you like, upload them to social media, share with friends and family... your images are yours to cherish and enjoy. I can also give you guidance on where to print.

What about second photographers? Do we need one? Is there an extra cost? You may or may not decide to add a second photographer for your wedding. They can be nice to have if your guest count is 200+ or the logistics of your wedding are complex, but I am highly comfortable and confident shooting weddings on my own (a non-shooting assistant is included for most bookings). If you’re unsure, let’s chat about your unique plans and I’ll have you explore a couple full galleries to show you what I capture with and without second shooters at several weddings. For Seattle weddings, you can choose to add a second photographer for $750. The reason I charge for adding a second shooter? My second shooters are never second rate. They are selected from a close network of peers who understand my artistic style and have 4+ years of experience. I would hands down entrust my own wedding to any of the second shooters I partner with.

How do we book? First, I’d love to learn a little more about you and your wedding plans. Let’s set up a time for a consultation. We’ll get all of your questions answered. To book, I ask for a signed contract and a $2000 deposit; remaining payment is due 14 days prior to your wedding date.

The secret to collaborating with your wedding photographer for breathtaking, truly unforgettable images:

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