One on one Mentorship for Photographers

I've been there.

I was a few years into my business and ready to walk away. I had followed all the advice, poured thousands of dollars into workshops from big name photographers, scoured Facebook groups endlessly for answers. I knew I was a talented photographer, but honestly? I thought there was something wrong with me - why couldn't I figure out how to attract the couples I wanted? Was I the only one barely scraping by? Why was it such a desperate struggle to establish my brand? Why couldn't I figure this out? 

It wasn't until I worked with a one-on-one coach that things (FINALLY) started to shift. No longer lost and alone, I finally had a sounding board for my ideas, an objective pair of eyes to really see what was working and what wasn't (and call me out on my BS), and the expertise of someone who had done what I wanted to do in the current market. 

And now? I've gone from being desperate to being in the driver's seat. I couldn't be more excited about what's on my schedule for the coming year, and even better - I finally found the confidence to sit in the soul of my brand. 

Now, I work with fine art wedding and portrait photographers who are determined to become true masters of their craft and build sustainable, profitable, soul-stirring careers

One on one coaching lasts 6 months, culminating in a personalized editorial shoot incorporating everything we've worked on. Fill out the form below to schedule a free discovery session with me. We'll pinpoint your current frustrations and I'll help you get clear on your goals for the next 6 months.

What's included: 

  • 6 monthly strategy calls lasting 90 minutes each.

  • Resources, exercises, and templates relevant to any topics covered. 

  • Weekly email support - contact me anytime.

  • Complimentary lifestyle biography session (I'll explain what that is!)

  • A personalized styled shoot with me and other fine art wedding professionals - specifically designed to fill holes in your portfolio, practice any film techniques we've covered, and create content to start booking YOUR target market.


Film Photography 101

Portfolio Building

Natural Posing

Styling as a photographer

Lighting with film

Shooting film and digital simultaneously


Working with models 

Capturing genuine emotion

A personalized styled shoot at the culmination of our mentorship

Opportunities to shadow Anna at a real wedding

Mindset + Heart

Finding your voice

Creating a brand around your unique talents

Discovering your target market

Standing out

Staying inspired

Finding fearlessness

The psychology of selling your brand


Modern Marketing (and why what already established photographers teach isn't working anymore)

Pricing + Profitability

Networking + Relationships

Social Media Marketing

SEO + Utilizing Google Analytics and Webmaster


Website Strategy

Where to spend your advertising budget

Copy Writing

Client Interaction + Connection

Styled Shoots (when + why + how to use them)

Leveraging reviews and testimonials

The secret to collaborating with your wedding photographer for breathtaking, truly unforgettable images:

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