among other things, no 5

French fashion designer Manon Martin’s home in Tunisia- Image by H. del Olmo for Cote Maison




This Tunisian home (pictured above) popped without warning into my Pinterest feed and instantly eclipsed all others in the “dream home” repository I have tucked away in the back of my mind. It is utter wabi-sabi perfection.

“Cool is an emotional straightjacket”

My favorite podcast is currently in the middle of releasing a three-part series on the American/Mexico border that is nuanced, enlightening, and harrowing (Part One | Part Two). If I could force every American to listen to it, I would.

This cookie recipe has been on repeat (if you haven’t hung out with me before just a warning I’m one of those no gluten/no sugar/whole food health nuts but I promise it’s way more fun than it sounds) – I really like how adaptable it is. I subbed almond meal, cashew butter, homemade yogurt, and date sugar into my last batch because I was too lazy to go to the store, and the results were delish.

On my wishlist for this summer: the chicest pair of pajamas I’ve ever seen. (via Free and Native)

Have a lovely weekend! – Anna