Among other things, no 4

Watercolours of the moon by Galileo Galilei (‘Sidereus Nuncius’, 1610)

 This week, among other things…

TUSCANY. It’s everything I hoped it would be and more. Tiny walled cities tucked into the crests of rolling hills. The olive trees are green year round. Wild boar pici pasta. Driving from Cortona to Montepulciano. Drinking too many cappuccinos.

While traveling, I’ve really come to love with the practice of wearing a scent. It’s a little something consistent when every day is a new adventure. I brought this jojoba and essential oil one along to Italy.

You, this dress. Engagement session wardrobe… boom. Done.

The details of Ziad Nahad Couture F/W 2018 collection remind me of the celestial details in Italian art and architecture. I’m here for it.

Have a lovely weekend! – Anna