Resources and Mentoring for Photographers

My Story

I was a few years into my business and ready to walk away. I had invested thousands of dollars into workshops. I thought I was following all the right advice. But honestly? I thought there was something wrong with me - why was it such a desperate struggle to establish my brand? Why couldn't I figure out how to attract the caliber of work and clients I wanted? My efforts to grow my business felt like banging my head against a wall: the wall standing in between me and the images, clients, brand, and paycheck I so desperately desired.

Finally (reluctantly!), I hired my first mentor. And... everything changed. No longer lost and alone, I finally had a sounding board for my ideas, an objective pair of eyes to really see what was working and what wasn't, and the expertise of someone who had done what I wanted to do in the current market. 

I am so passionate about working with photographers in this way and the transformations that occur. Stop banging your head against the wall. Let's find the right door for you - I promise it's there - and help you step through it. 

Full Mentorship

Mentorship lasts four months and includes eight 90 minute strategy calls, unlimited email support, resources, templates, and exercises relevant to any topics covered, and a headshot session with yours truly. At the culmination of the mentorship, we'll plan an editorial shoot directly inspired by your brand, your perfect client, and the vendors in your market you're dreaming of working with.

Happy Hour Calls

Happy hour calls are single shot 90-minute calls to dive deep on one topic or area of your work or business where you are feeling stuck, want to implement new ideas or strategies, or need extra clarity. Calls are tailored to your needs and can cover topics ranging from mindset to craft to marketing. With the help of a pre-call questionnaire - we'll pinpoint your current frustrations and develop an actionable plan to help you take real steps forward.

The difference between mentorship and a workshop is personalization. It's really not about me at all. It's about you, your unique eye as a photographer, and the courage it takes to double down on what makes you different.


Stop using other photographers as a benchmark for your work develop a look and approach that is entirely your own.


Transform your images by understanding how to use film + light to create masterful photographs that feel like you and a brand that stands out in a sea of sameness.


Become your own art director, attract clients and collaborations that you love, and (finally!) sit in the driver's seat of your business. 

Let’s start the conversation:

My biggest mistake in the early years of my business was believing I had to go it alone. I don't want that to be your story! Fill out the form below to schedule a totally zero-pressure consult call with me. We'll pinpoint your current frustrations, get clear on your goals for the next 4 months, and see if working together is the best way to get you there. Chat soon! - Anna